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Case Studies

Workforce payroll is estimated to be 80% of a company's costs. Why would you not optimize your workforce?

“When an organization uses personality assessments to match an individual’s skills to the job requirements, the person will learn quicker, be more satisfied and successful, and stay in the job longer. The economic benefits to an organization include faster and cheaper recruiting, less turnover, and better job performance” (Psychometrics Canada Ltd.)

Home Health Care Company Reduces Turnover

a doctor

In 2010, a senior citizen care and housing provider won the designation of Best Place to Work in its state—no small feat for a company that more than tripled its size only four years earlier. Company leaders maintain steady operations by empowering associates through a philosophy of customer service that emphasizes respect for both associates and customers.

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Medical Sales Company Increases Annual Sales Using ProfileXT and Performance Models

medical lab workers

Founded in 1907 as a small distributor of an innovative new urological device, a Georgia medical manufacturer has, over the past 100 years, steadily increased its reach and command of medical devices, and has become a worldwide industry leader.

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Financial Institution Keeps Customers in Focus

3 individuals at a computer

With the philosophy that its employees make their organization unique, leaders at a Wisconsin bank set out in 2008 to reduce turnover among the employees that were the first to see arriving customers, and the last ones to say goodbye to those leaving.

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Hospitality Industry Targets Key Players

3 men studying a chart

In 2004, the organization began looking for a partner to help reduce turnover and increase productivity. The company ultimately selected Profiles International because of its variety of reports, language capabilities, and customer service.

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Medical Clinic Enhances Recruiting with ProfileXT

ProfileXT sample

With more than a century of strong healthcare experience, it would have made sense for a Wisconsin medical clinic to take a “wait-and-see” approach to the fast- moving health care changes of the 21st century.
Instead, the clinic is leading the change by discovering what its customers say about their experiences, and by mounting an effort to ensure ongoing patient satisfaction.

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